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17th September 2017 (Sunday) 5:30 PM: Hindustani Vocal by Vidushi Sujatha Gurav. Vidwan Nanikeshwar Gurav (Tabla); Vidwan Vyasamurthy Katti (Harmonimum)

8th October 2017 (Sunday) 5:30 PM: Devi Compositions by Vidushi Anjana P Rao; Violin: Vidwan Vaibhav Ramani; Mridangam: Vidushi Deepika Srinivasan; Ghatam: Vidwan B S Raghunandan. 

5th November, 2017 (Sunday) 5:30 PM: A Special Music Concert by Vidushi Kalavathy Avadoot; Violin: Vidwan Mathur Srinidhi; Mridamgam: Vidwan Tumkur Ravishankar; Ghatam: Vidwan Phanidra Bhaskar

10th December, 2017 (Sunday) 5:30 PM: A Grand Jugalbandhi Concert by Vidwan Mysore Nagaraj and Vidwan Prakash Sontakke. Accompanied by Vidwan Praveen and Pt. Adarsh Shenoy.

VENUE FOR ALL THE PROGRAMS: Shree Ramana Maharshi Academy for the Blind, 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru - 560078.

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Recently Conducted Programs:

13th August 2017 (Sunday): Special Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi Concert by Vidwan S. Shankar. Violin: Vidwan S R Mahadeva Sarma; Mridangam: Vidwan Mannargudi Eswaran; Ghatam: Vidwan Ranganath Chakravarthy. 

20th August 2017 (Sunday): Grand Vocal Concert by Vidushi Thanmayee Krishnamurthy;Violin: Vidushi Adithi Krishnamurthy; Mridangam: Vidwan C Cheluvaraj; Ghatam: Vidwan R Karthik

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BTM Cultural Academy recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a series of Music and Dance Programs. It has been a great journey of the past 25 years. We enthusiastically look forward to the next 25 years and beyond!

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