BTM Cultural Academy, Bengaluru today is proud of actively propagating Indian Classical  Music and Dance since the last Twenty five years. The Academy had its 450th concert in January last year..

Since April 1992, the Academy has been organizing uninterruptedly, monthly Music concerts by leading and upcoming Artists from all over South. Having started with one concert a month, it is now organizing nearly Twenty five concerts a year. These also include a few Classical Dance programmes and Hindustani Music concerts.

The Academy organizes special thematic concerts perodically in addition to the Aradhana mahotsava sapthaha in January every year. Jugalbandhis, Vocal and Instrumental duets, Instrumental ensembles, Ragam-thanam-pallavi concerts arranged by the Academy are well received.

The Academy has also been invited to co-host programmes along with many other Cultural organisations in view of our standing in this field. Such programmes include Music therapy, Felicitation to great artists, Yuva sangeethothsava, Music concerts, etc.

The Academy had the unique privilage of joining hands with Nine other leading sabhas of Bangalore to form Karnataka Fine Arts Council to promote cultural activities particularly to encourage young artists in classical field.  

The Academy had the unique distinction of producing and releasing a CD of compositions of Karnataka mahila vaggeyakars sung by Senior mahila vidushis. This project was the first of its kind in the history of Carnatic music.

The Academy has at present about 350 annual members and more than 250 life members who support the activities in addition to many music-loving institutions and philanthrophists not to mention many other corporates and organizations who sponsor the concerts and release advertisements through programme cards, etc.

The Academy has won respect and admiration of musicians and music lovers alike with the voluntary and honorary services of a committe of dedicated members. Dept of Kannada & Culture of Govt. of Karnataka recognizing the services of the Academy to the cause of Classical arts, gives financial assistance every year and the  Income-Tax Dept. has not only exempted donations from payment of tax by the donors but has also recognised the Academy as a Trust.

With this background, the Academy is marching forward with confidence to spread the love of music among the art-loving citizens in the coming years.